Pioneer app not working on 2.0?

Hi guys,

So I did the jump to 2.0. Had to do some tweaking to get everything up and running again. I just have 1 problem left… my Pioneer receiver.

It doesn’t switch inputs or changes volumes anymore. In my flows action card, I can see the ‘device’ Pioneer VSX and the ‘app’ Pioneer.
The device works, but is limited to only power on/off via network. This works!

If I use the app, I have to find the receiver and for example set it to mode ‘internet radio’ it doesn’t allow me to save…

Anyone else got this problem aswell?

Kind regards,

I actually just got Homey and cant even install the app, version is nog compatible?
Would like to see and update. What app are you using?

No it’s not compatible. Does not work, the guy who made it doesn’t respond aswell.
The code is there… just needs to be ‘reformatted’ in the 2.0 version…