Yamaha receiver

hello, the yamaha receiver app is not working again…

A bit more info would be nice.
Which version of the Yamaha app are u running?
Which firmware version of Homey are u running?
Did u upgrade from 1.5.13 to 2.0 and then the app stopped working?
Did u try to add the Yamaha app while u was on 2.0?

I have the recent version, i cant even update to 2.0

If you need help and someone is kindly enough to assist you. Then it would be nice if you give clear answers to all 4 questions, to provide enough information for any troubleshooting…

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I have tried both apps non of them kan be installed from appstore.

I run 2.0.0rc9

That would be correct. The app has
“version”: “0.3.0”,
“compatibility”: “0.x || 1.x”,
So cannot be installed via the appstore on 2.0.

Possible to install at all?

Can be installed when changing the compatibility line and then install via CLI.
Dunno if the app will work tho, not using it myself.
Here is the beta branche.

I’m using the Yamaha app(beta) since Homey 1.5 and upgraded a while ago to Homey 2.0-rcX. The Yamaha app is still working without any problems for me.

I had to reset my homey when i upgraded to 2.0 and after that it is not possible to install from appstore, so i will try to install it from Github / CLI

How about linking receivers. Could that be added in the future?

I do have a problem with the app:
receiver yamaha htr-4069 (rx-v481)
settings: correct ip zone: Main_Zone
It is possible to control the receiver via the tile in the app or via (then) flowcards.
But flows will not react when the receiver is turned on or off. The tile in the app is not updated with the current power state of the receiver.
Are there more people with the same problem?
Also nice to know if it does work for you.
Issue is already reported at github.

I’ve got the Yamaha HTR-4067. The app has always worked flawlessly when sending commands to it but the process monitoring the status of the device has never worked for me. Luckily I don’t really need the on/off status as a trigger in any flows.

I’ve had a look at the app before and know a possible solution but havent had the time to create a PR. The issue is that the monitor loop is broken at some point.

I’ve started on a complete rewrite of the Yamaha app and it’s coming along quite nicely. No more crashes, added some nicer logos and the device in Homey is finally kept up to date with the actual amplifier. So hopefully there’ll be an update soon :crossed_fingers:

The thing is that I don’t have a Yamaha MusicCast device to test the other driver that is in the app. Can anyone that does have one help me out by testing it? Send me a DM if you’re up for it.


Very good news. If I can be of any help, let me know.
But that would be my first cli install :sweat_smile:. Unfortunately no music cast

CLI install worked fine. First impression of your app is very good! :+1: All problems with the previous app seem to be solved. Small problem Adaptive DRC button does not to work. I can totally live with that for an alpha version :clap:

That sounds promising. Looking forward to a release in the app store.

Nice, good to hear. I’ll try and have a look at Adaptive DRC this weekend. I’m also in contact with Koen Martens (the creator of the original Yamaha app) to transfer ownership of the app to me so I can publish a new alpha and beta version so people won’t have to switch apps. So hopefully we can start a new alpha test round soon.

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I installed it just fine after the 3.0 firmware upgrade. I can do some more testing on the receiver part, as I have a Yamaha receiver as well. Do you plan on supporting discovery and removing the dependency on static IPs as well? Thanks for the work so far :slight_smile:

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