Yamaha receiver play song

Hi All, I just bought Homey Pro two weeks ago and therefore am a beginner. This is my first message. I have a Yamaha receiver (HTR-4072) and I would like to create a flow that puts the receiver on, loads a song (alone or from a playlist) and plays it. Is this possible with the Yamaha app? If so does anybody have a simple flow to do so. I normally use my iphone to stream a song to the receiver.
I use Homey Pro version 7.0.0
App version
Yamaha app version 1.1.1


Hi Peter
What’s the source of a song / playlist? I mean I see there are play/next/shuffle flow cards for it, but I guess you’ll need the f.i. Spotify app also…

I am having the same issue. I have tried updating to v1.2 beta and still no difference. I can turn on the device, change input successfully (to USB), but the ‘play’ card gets a red cross and nothing happens. There is also no way to specify what to play, or what playlist to play

Edit: So i managed to work around this by using a ‘logic card’ with a GET Request.

In my example, im playing off usb/network (netusb).

Hi Peter,
I’ve got all my songs on my iphone. 80% (the ones i’ve got a mp3 of) are also on a external usb drive which can be connected to the receiver. I have not tried that.
The original Yamaha iphone app does also stream music from my iphone to the receiver. The Homey app is also on my iphone. Technically I would say, everything is on one device, my iphone, so it should be possible. But I’m a user and not a programmer :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mango,
Can I use a logic card with a GET request to select a specific or playlist song on my iphone?
Is this the way to look forward for me, using these requests?
When I stream from my iphone, the receiver goes to “Server”.
I have a “Then” card that is able to select “Select line input” and below choose “Server”. Below that it wants a number. Is this perhaps the way to select a song? I’ve tried it (with several numbers) but I keep getting an error sign on that particular “Then” card.

Hi Peter,
And I don’t have a paid music app.

Hi Peter,

Can you explain what you want your flow to achieve? My only concern is you are wanting to send commands from the Yamaha receiver to get stuff from your iphone (which may be tricky). If you have a music source like a CD/USB/Network/Internet Music, you can possibly instruct your receiver to play from those sources, but not sure about external sources like Bluetooth or something else

This is the manual i used to find the commands i need to control my receiver - it can get a little technical but once you find what you are looking for, its pretty straight forward.

Hi Mango,
Thanks for replying to my topic, bye the way.
I would like a flow that powers my receiver (that’s easy), selects a song or a group of songs and play them on my Yamaha receiver.
I would like, if possible, to select these songs from my Iphone (I don’t have Spotify f.i.) because that’s where all my music is located. I could perhaps put 80% of my songs (of which I have a mp3) on a external usb drive or usb stick and use this on my receiver but I’d rather do it via my Iphone. What do you think?