Random playlists in Spotify

Hi there,

I successfully added my Onkyo receiver-enabled Spotify Connect, to Homey 2.0
Flows can now contain playback of selected artists, albums and playlists. It already works wonderful with different triggers.

However, sometimes I like to be surprised when music plays. For instance, in the morning I could listen to one of three jazz playlists. How can I program a flow in such a way, that homey randomly selects one of (a few) playlists?

That’s exactly what i was thinking About.
Unfortunatly that’s no solution for me or you. :thinking:

Funny, because I seem to remember that homey could randomly select items in flows with one app or another. Maybe you could do it with the ‘else’ cards?

With the else card i could imagine the possibility to alternate between 2 playlists. Maybe even more if you would stack confirmation questions like

Homey asks: “would you like to listen to classical or metal?”

“Would you like playlist a or b?”

But that is not truly random.

What about choosing a random flow in a flow folder? You could then add different playlists to different flows.

Don’t know if this works, just a thought. There should be some app to choose a random card…

Spent some time looking through different apps, but haven’t found one yet to randomise a flow or a card.

Just got a tip.
If you set a certain playlist to to play after 1-3 seconds, and you add more cards with ‘play this playlist’ and setting it to a delay of 1-3 seconds, Homey plays every playlist, but technically randomizes the different selected playlists. Will need to test this out.

Also, I found out that although your receiver is set to play on shuffle, Homey plays the first track of the playlists. By enabling the shuffle card and immediately skipping to the next track, the playlist is playing as if it were shuffled.

I was looking for a way to shuffle but didn’t find this card… where is it? :slight_smile:

Using Spotify and Sonos by the way.

It should be available in the “then” collum on both the Spotify connect and the sonos app.

It works on Spotify Connect devices, but Spotify Connect does not find my Sonos devices.

The shuffle card is not available on Sonos devices though.

I see, your right! Strange.

I have reported it so let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

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Also spend some time for this solution but without success :frowning:

Would LOVE you have the option to play a random playlist!!!

Who could help us? :slight_smile:

Many many many thanks in advance!

Anyone? :slight_smile:

It’s not exactly what I mean but I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I had made a few flows to make this work even better. It’s in Dutch So you have to translate it yourself. For radiostations you can choose playlist ofcourse