[APP][Pro] Yamaha

No issue to install the app and to add my RX-A2A. Thanks.

In a flow, I would like to select a specific netradio. I see a flow card “Select line input” but I can’t figure out how to use it and ‘what is a “line”’.
If someone can help?!


Often there’s a i symbol on flow card. Also when you select a flow card (in the mobile app f.i.) it can hold explanation(s).

Screenshot from 2022-07-20 18-19-31

This Select line input card emulates the remote up/down & enter buttons.
It tells the amp menu pointer/cursor to jump to a certain line number, f.i. 3 for the third line from the top, in the menu. You’ll have to select a source first, like Net Radio, Server, USB.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the tips. I’ll check that.

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Actually, nope, I can’t figure out how to create a flow “Launch radio favorite 1” and another “launch favorite radio 2”
if someone has an idea or a tuto

Sometimes (for some multiple choice cards) you have to start typing the wanted name, then after 2 or 3 characters, the available lines wiĺ apear.

OK, by default, the receiver set and play the last radio I listenned. So, to have a list, I need to press “Return”, then “Enter” to open Favorites and then I have a list of my favourites radios.
So, what do I need to input in “Select line input” to emulate “Return”, “Enter”, Up/Down or other remote buttons other than numbers?