Recently problems with the (app) onkyo receiver. I have different flows where I use it. As soon as I start a flow, it works fine for the first time, but when I want to use it for the 2nd time, the onkyo receiver stops responding in the flow. If I start Homey again, it will respond again. Does the developer or anyone else have a solution for this?

What I did was a create a flow that is triggered every hour / hslf an hour. And it triggers the disconnect and reconnect card from the onkyo app.
That was it almost always works.! You set up static ip and everything I assume?

Thanks for your answer. Can you let me see the flow?

Sure no problem!

When i put on the button of the onkyo in Homey i got this. Then when i reinstalled the app in Homey then he works. But when i used it for the first time it’s working perfect after then i got this.

aah, I see. Did you fill in a static IP for your Receiver?
Cause otherwise, the router assigns a different IP to it, and then Homey can’t communicate with it.

Thanks Victor. Oh that’s the problem i will change it. Thanks

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Keep me posted :blush:. No problem :=