Onkyo App timeout using input channels

Homey firmware: 2.2.0-rc.7
Onkyo app: v2.0.4
Onkyo TX-NR727

Controlling the amp with the app for power on/off and volume up/down works perfect.
When I choose input channels and go down through then things still work, but when I go up the amp no longers responds to the selected channel and the app then shows time-outs.

I deleted the device and uninstalled the app and then added them again but issue is still there.


I sadly don’t have an Onkyo anymore (I’m the developer of the app for Homey), but pull requests on Github are very much appreciated if someone manages to fix this…

I have the same problem, only I never switch inputs. Never the less, if I can help test something, I would be more than willing.

Unfortunately i’m not able to program, tried to do so, but after spending some evenings I came to the insight it is not my cup of tea.

@DaniBlaa are you still looking for a working Onkyo app? Someone has taken over the development but hasn’t published it yet to the store, it is still under heavy development. It already works a bit better, you can switch inputs and the volume syncs with the app.

@Rocodamelshekima sorry :wink:

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See also topic Onkyo app not in sync.

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Thanks Martijn, I will go and check it out.

Thank you