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Onkyo AV receiver experiencing control delays of 10-15 minutes

I noticed that since a week or so I cannot effectively control my Onkyo TX-NR828 AV-Receiver using Homey.
When I switch it on in Homey nothing happens, same for switching input/volume and any other command.
Then after 10-15 minutes it suddenly switches on and seems to process all the commands I entered in sequence.
As you don’t notice any response initially, you have pressed the buttons numerous times to no avail and so it makes you go nuts when after 10-15 minutes it responds after all. You don’t expect it to come alive and e.g. move the volume to MAX with such a massive delay !
What is the cause of this?

Can you try to stop the Homey app and restart it? Is your Homey perhaps overloaded with too many apps / heavy apps / too many devices?

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Thanks for the quick reply.
A: I have restarted Homey, Homey App (rebooted Android devices even). Homey doesn’t seem to be overloaded according to the overview/free mem. I’ve actually had more apps/devices running when it worked :thinking:

It could that the connection got clogged up somehow, but it’s impossible to detect that. Shouldn’t happen too often though!

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I think I got it fixed for now. Removed Onkyo app, re-installed and then added the TX-NR828 (static IP, wired).
FYI: Homey is connected on 2.4 Ghz WIFI, Onkyo is Ethernet connected and my smartphone is using 5 Ghz WIFI (same SSID for both WIFI networks) and it all should work well together :wink: