Onkyo app not in sync

Thanks @PetervdK for testing it on 1.5.13, same behavior on FW 1.x and 2.x.
Can conclude that this has never work correctly?

@Jorden, can you check the code? Happy to test it.
I’am not a programmer but i understand de code a little bit (still in learning :grinning:) so if you can point me in the right direction maybe i can fix it?
Please send me a PM (can be in dutch)

Tried it tonight but i discovered there is a bigger problem now. At this moment the Onkyo doesn’t respond to any change i make via the Homey app. Don’t know since when this is, i didn’t use it recently.

The app was updated in December, i think that must be the cause. Will try to uninstall/install the app later this evening. Can’t do it now, the family is watching “Who is the Mole” and if i f*ck up i will have war… :stuck_out_tongue:

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On Homey v2 in the mobile app, the + goes all the way up (100%) and the - goes all the way down (0%). You can use the slider itself to get to inbetween values.

Restarted the Onkyo app and switching on/off or changing volume via the app works again.
However, the app still doesn’t get updated when doing this by the Onkyo remote. I don’t know if this should happen instantly because the Onkyo pushes this or maybe with a delay because the Onkyo get’s polled with intervals by the app.
Will try tonight what happens over a larger time period.

Sadly no response anymore in this topic from @Jorden.

Its a great app, but would be nice to know if the receiver is on or off or what the current volume is.

Same as light appliances , you want to know if the lights or on/off if your using a wallswitch and homeyapp!

Again @jorden, happy to test it for you.

HI jorden,
After some online training and examining the Homey SDK documentation i manage to alter the code for the status return, now when i change on/of, volume, mute and input its in sync in the homey mobile app :laughing:
The plan is to do a pull request from your git and adjust the code , creating a beta branch.
is it possible that when the code is done you publish it as beta to the Homey store?
Or can i also do this?

Athom is a bit strict in bringing the same device app twice in store.

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I will do that, give me a heads up if you do a pull request!

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Hi Jordan,. Ik did a pull request on your git.

Noticed still a few little bugs but the basics

Can you place in the homey store as beta?

Good work. Could you do the same for the Yamaha receiver app? This app seems to have the same problem with status updates.

Thanks, I submitted it to the store for approval (as beta)

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CLI installed the 2.1.1 beta, works fine.

@Driesk , that i bit tricky, i don’t have a Yamaha receiver so can’t test the code.
For the Onkyo app it was also trial and error.

Onkyo App Version 2.1.1 BETA is in the Homey Store now.
Thanks Jorden

Hi Jorden,. Last week i did a update on the Onkyo app version 2.1.3. And also a pull request.
This is for now the last one.
Can you place this in the athom store.
Tested all the flows and except dit the timeout issue everything works perfect.
As far as i can say, please make it official release
But that’s something you need tot decide.?

Can also ask athom to transfer the devolpers eights tot me

Let me know

Onkyo App Version 2.1.3 BETA is in the Homey Store now.
Thanks Jorden

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Don’t know if its just me, but the buttons Volume up, down and mute don’t have the right icons anymore. They now are just black with a with circle in the middle. With your ‘own’ app it was different.

Another thing, it doesn’t report poweron status. When it is turned off and Homey also thinks it is off, and I turn it on through for example with Spotify, it doesn’t get turned on in Homey. Any ideas on this?

@Martijn_Hoogenbosch, that the icons are gone is correct, because i do not use the default capability’s (volume_set, volume_down, volume_up , onoff and volume_mute) the icons are gone.
This i have done beacuse the athom SDK generates automaticly flow triggers, actions and conditions when the default capability’s are used.
Now when you create a flow there is only 1 flow trigger, actions or conditions instead of 2.

Second for the poweron status , i did some test on my tx-nr626 i on this receiver it works well.
If a set my TV on the receiver gets a poweron thru HDMI-CEC and also the homey app gives status on. Same with remote, or when i changed on/off status via homey app and change the status via remote or HDMI-CEC.

can you run it in CLI mode and send the output to me by PM. also put the steps in the messages you did (like put receiver on.off thru spotify or remote, or change volume )

After the last update on Homey (4.0), the app is not working anymore for me, tried rebooting homey, reinstall the device. reinstall the app but nothing.

It finds the devices and install it, but no respond when i try to do anything, online timeout…

is’t a known problem? or just me?

Nope, running just fine on 4.0 no problems ( with sometime a timeout) on my TX-NR626

Wich version do you run,? can you try it with latest test version

If the new version isn;t working also can you run it in CLI and send me the logs by PM?

Tried the latest beta app, but did’t solve the problem for me.

Don’t find how to send PMs, and how do i send the log? true the app in homey?