Yamaha receiver

Hi @lucasvdh,

Since coming back from holiday last week there is something wrong. The “Change surround program” card consistently gives an “Invalid response” error. Did you change anything recently?

Since Lucas broke the app more or less and didn’t answer, I found other ways …

You can also control the whole thing with the HTTP request app.
You can find out how here.
Overview of the API codes (PDF)

Good luck with that.
My Yamaha receiver works again.

Hmm…somehow I didn’t get a notification that you had responded, Jens. I’ll take a look at the HTTP requests. Thanks.

Unfortunately I still don’t have a solution for controlling my zones.
The solution above does not work for me because my firmware of my amplifier (RX-A2010) is 1.8 and I can no longer upgrate it.
So operating with http is not possible.
Is it possible to put the first version of the app in another app so that it can still be downloaded?

Input selection not working in flow
Any solution for that?

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Yeah, too bad this isn’t working. It is working in my own git version, but that one has some other issues. The input selection wasn’t that big of a problem to fix…

Hello @lucasvdh,
would it be possible to add a attribute for current selected input to the app/device for use in AND statement in flows?
I would like to check in flows what input is active (Netradio, Bluetooth…) and react on this with different actions.

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I tried version 1.2 but multizone still doesn’t work for my AV receiver (model RX-V681; it has main zone and Zone2)

Hey Lucas, thanks for your app :slight_smile: But one question, is it planned to integrate the Yamaha Scenes into your app at some point in time? It would be quite convenient because one could automatically start a chosen playlist of Qobuz by activating a Scene. I don’t know an alternative way to do so at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

scenes ? Please don’t call it that way, because scenes are already/also called by Yamaha MusicCast as 4 available specified saved presets with (linked) speakers/devices.
These presets are now also available to be transferd as SCENES to amazon alexa.
It would be fine if these 4 will still be called SCENES like their official name and maybe what you describe could be called userpresets.


"To use the scene function, register a scene in Alexa using the following procedure:
※At least one Room Preset must be setup before an Alexa scene can be assigned.

  1. Update the MusicCast Controller app.
  2. In the MusicCast Controller app, open the Rooms screen.
  3. Press the Room Presets icon at the bottom righthand corner of the screen.
  4. Press the Alexa icon displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to register the scene with the Alexa app.
  6. Check that a new scene has been registered from the Alexa app.

The setting is now complete. For example, by commanding “Alexa, turn on Room Preset 1,” you can now request the room preset which corresponds to your assigned scene."

By the way : Can anyone please tell me how I could test in the when condition which input is selected on my receiver (RX-A2060) or Musiccast Speaker (7x WX-010, 1 x WX-030 & 2 x ISX-18D ) just in a flow ?
if its a string : is it Audio1 or AUDIO1 or audio1 or what ? Comparing with (Homey) Logic doesn’t work.

Thanks for the hint, user presets was exactely what I had in mind. These are quite powerful and it would be great to make use of them in Homey.

My receiver lost connection. I deleted the receiver and i want to add my receiver to Homey. I cant find him anymore :frowning:
I have no troubles using the Musiccast app. Please help !

Can you give it a static IP and add it manually?