Xiaomi Hub connection timed out


Please let me know if I forget to submit any data.
I want to connect my Xiaomi Hub to Homey, especially since I have some range/reachability issues with Aqara/Xiaomi Zigbee devices directly on the Homey.

I keep getting this error:

I tested this Xiaomi Hub with Domoticz and it works. OpeHab2, works. So I’m reasonably sure everything in the hub is opened and running fine. But maybe I am forgetting something.

I did have a version of the hub that came with closed port 9898 but fixed that by serial connecting to it and opening the ports. Since that moment I am able to successfully connect the hub to both Domoticz and OpenHab2.

Anything I can do?

Xiaomi did something that caused the gateway to not work anymore with the Xiaom Mi Home app. The driver for the gateway will be deprecated in the next release of the app.


Thanks. That at least gives clarity.

Any news on the update yet? Thanks

Does this mean that i can’t use my hub with Homey anymore?
Until 25 march 2020 mine worked fine but then I had to reinstall.
Now i can’t add the hub because i can’t choose it in the app and I deleted the old one just to reinstall.

I have handed over development of the Xiaomi Mi Home app to @Maxmudjon. You’d better ask him for support.