Xbox IR One_Guide Button not Working


As the title suggests I am having some trouble with the One Guide IR command being sent from Homey.

I have an Xbox One X, Xbox Media Remote and the Homey.

All other IR commands from Homey to Xbox that I have tested seem to work fine.

If the Xbox is already powered on and idle on the home screen and I send the One Guide IR command from the Homey there is no response.

If I press the same button on the media remote the Xbox opens One Guide.

If I repeat the same process with One Guide already open on the Xbox when sending the command from Homey the One Guide app will enter and exit the guide menu as expected (same thing that happens when pressed on the remote).

I tried to add a custom IR device on the Homey and learn the One Guide button from the media remote but the result is the same, won’t open the guide app if not already open.

Both of the Xbox apps in the app store don’t seem to be advanced enough to send commands to control the device which I can do via my Echo but I’d rather not because its so slow.

Couldn’t find any similar posts in the search on this forum, so anyone have any ideas on why it’s not working or tinkered with this before?