Write/read NFC contents?

New to NFC, and want to see what I can do with it.
My first idea was to let our two-year old start movies on Kodi with NFC cards. Would this be possible?

F.ex. I tried using a random NFC card I found (from an Arduino NFC kit) and set up a flow to read me it’s UID (4-byte). It’s that it? Can it be written to? Can I have custom text instead?

Or is this the only thing Homey can do, identify the ID, not read the content?

I’d like to read and use the content to start a movie, f.ex. read “Totoro” and then start Kodi (if off) and then start the movie.

I guess otherwise I will have to create a flow for each movie I want to play? “For this exact UID…”

With Homey it can’t be written so indeed, you have to create flows based on the Id…
or use https://apps.athom.com/app/se.warting.nfctools but don’t know how that works on FW2.0.x of Homey.


So is a typical “10pcs S50 1K for $3.00” listing on eBay what I’m after?


? I wouldn’t know tbh. Don’t use NFC myself…

Dont know where you live, but if you happen to live in the Netherlands you can use:used traintickets.
Easy to get and free
Just hold them next to homey, and it will trigger a flow.
I have made several flows for my kids (and wife ,-) ) so they can easily trigger flows

You need to create a flow 1st to read the ticket. After that use that code to trigger a flow
See pictures
Flow to readout the card

Flow using the card

That’s pretty cool!
I’m in Norway, so no tickets for me (not NFC, and tickets are in apps or SMS).

I guess the cards I linked to should work, and we do have a card printer at work, so I could get movie covers printed on them.

The only thing I need now is to make sure Kodi connects to my QNAP properly. It seems to need a few attempts before the movie starts when waking from sleep.

Hi, im new to homey and have a question, when i try to add NFC to read out the id i only can select: “When -> NFC Touched // Then -> Send Push ID” i dont have the option for NFC tag has been detected, and in push i only can give id and not tag ID, something is wrong on me can you help me ?

i used NFC Tools btw.

Homey Version 2.0.2

Don’t use the NFC tools but when sending a push to a phone u can add the tag id tag?

Hey, thank you for your fast answer, i uninstalled NFC tools now (the app) but now in “When” I can’t find an option to select NFC anywhere… where is this ?

You are new to Homey, do you have a new Homey (2019-model)? She doesn’t have the NFC-reader in her…

yes i have a 2019- model … is this real ???..

This will be correct!

but why … i bought homey now and think NFC is working, now i get the answer on 2019 model its removed … and now ?

is there a reason ?

The old Homey’s have an extra line:

BeNext has a tagreader but I don’t know if the app is ready for FW2.0 @Robin_van_Kekem ?

Woah, really?
I had no idea. Well it does make sense as it’s probably less noise without it, and who says the Homey is exactly where you’d use the NFC tags (except for in my case where it IS exactly where I need it).

How about Arduino/Wemos D1 Mini + NFC reader that updates a variable over MQTT?

Then you can have multiple scanners in the location you need them.
(A whole project of course, but doable and fairly simple)

I dont know but i bought homey for a all in one device, now everyone says i can buy a external NFC reader or build yourself but where is the sense of homey ? i can also buy a Bluetooth Device, IR, Zigbee, z-wave but the sense of homey is all in one.

I have not seen that on the product page simply NFC was deleted.
I’m pissed, sorry

I understand your frustration - and I do agree, I had no idea it was removed, the same with microphones.
But for the 18 months I’ve had Homey, this is the first time I’ve ever used NFC - so I also see the point of removing it, if it makes it cheaper to produce and might increase range of other antennas.

An external NFC reader makes more sense for activating alarms, presence etc. as you can place it where you want it.

I wouldn’t put NFC in the same category as Z-wave, Zigbee etc, as they have a very useful range, while Homey’s NFC reader works for a distanse of a few millimeters on the top of it.

An external NFC reader is interesting because you could f.ex have a holder for a tag where you place your keys, and would automatically react when you pick up your keys and leave.

We’re talking approx $2 for NFC reader and $3 for Wemos D1 Mini


Thanks for your answer, is there a guide how I can do that ? and could you send me the exact devices link that fit together ? and just I don’t know how to put them together and then connect them to homey

Interesting discussion.
I also was not aware off removing NFC and Microphone.
Is the Microphone already removed or not yet in the latest modell?
Is there a zwave/zigbee oriented NFC reader in the market and possible to connect to Homey?

I just have a new Homey, because my old one died.
I checked the settings page of my new Homey. No NFC indeed
Then no Microphone also?
Because I can switch on the microphone at experimental,
(I’m on my work and can not check it yet)

EDIT: I’m wrong I have an old modell There is still NFC in the card list