Hi, I have a question about how to activate flows with NFC Cards

I have build a NFC reader based on NodeMcu and connected to Homey with the app Homeyduino. With the Ardino IDE I can read the NFC card ID’s via the serial monitor.

In Homey I can trigger flows when I use the if card “RFID - All Triggers”
This works for all NFC cards I have.

Hi Roy,

Thanks. I have tried this already but no results.

I have tried to give a value to “voorwaarde” but not any value is accepted.

When I leave this item blank and I save this flow I’ve got the error message

“ontbrekend argument autocomplete in RFID – Thuis”

How does your Homey know that your device is reading RFID cards?

The general trigger when a nfc is detected works fine and the flow action is correctly performed.

But when I want to trigger with a NFC specific code ( in my case code 23259416)

it doesn’t work. Probably I do something wrong but I don’t know what.

Copy the read-out-data to your TimeLine with a logic-card, maybe you can see some more digits or other characters you need to use.

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Hi Jan and Roy,

Thanks for your information.

My flow is now working ok.

When I read my cards the information is put in the variable “waarde”.

This variable “waarde” can I use in the “if” card

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Sorry, not Logic, Use this card

Indeed use some outdoor lime timeline to detect the format of the output. Homey NFC uses the colon : separators in its values.