Woke up this morning with homey crashed

Red light, power off and on results in the same state. App does not work. Factory reset does not work

Was in contact with support (quick reply !), they advised firmware upgrade with the usb tool. Tried that, after the upgrade still breathing red.

Did a factory reset with the usb tool: still breathing red.

I notified support and will wait for their response, but this sounds like my homey is dead right ? Or does someone have an idea ?

Power supply, power cable, etc.

Changed the cable, changed the usb adapter to a more powerfull one. Same result.

Possibly the same issue as this one here?

Yep… similar

I had a quick reaction from support btw.

Already received the track and trace for my replacement homey and I am now taking the broken one to the post office.

Great service !

Indeed… same symptoms. In my case defective EMMC so the Homey could not read bootstrap, OS and configuration anymore. Dead as a doornail.