Homey crashing

Hi. My Homey has crashed 3times since the last fw update. Anybody else who are experiencing this??

What homey do You have?
What is YOUR latest Firmware?
How did you see and concluded it Crashed?
What have you done to resolve it?

I have 10.0.1
Have experienced “breathing” red light 3 times know during day. Have a flow that restarts the device to refresh it due to the reason that if i dont restart it every day, the device starts to lag a lot.

The crashes occurred every time without me working with it.

I have the new Homey Pro 2023.

Den tors 10 aug. 2023 21:50Geurt Dijker via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com> skrev:


I can’t discover if you followed the specific led advice

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Additional after above Restoring latest Firmware using USB:

That should never happen,

  1. Create a support ticket at Athom ( Support | Homey )
  2. Are you using the original USB-C Adapter? Does it mention 5.2V on the side?
  3. Are you using the Ethernet Adapter? What if you remove it and use only WiFi?
  4. Are you using the original USB-C Cable? Have you tried it with ONLY another short good Quality USB-C Cable?
  5. Have you checked the:
    a) Core CPU Alarms?

b) [APP][Pro] sysInternals - Shows Homey’s System Internals
c) Have you Checked the CPU speed Graph in Insights?