WiZ SuperSlim Plafond "Device Unavailable" on HP23

I have three WiZ SuperSlim Plafond that during the last days one by one have stopped working with my Homey Pro. Displaying “Device Unavailable”. They are still working in the WIZ mobile APP. But I frequently have to restart it. I never used it before so I don’t know if frequent restarts are “normal”.

Screenshot 2023-12-16 091341 Screenshot 2023-12-16 091412 Wiz

I have tried “everything”:

  • Restarting HP23, HP23 Wiz App and even my Wi-fi router
  • Deleting the lamps in HP23, deleting the APP in HP23
  • Deleting Homey connection in WIZ mobile app, deleting the lamps
  • Adding the lamps back in WIZ mobile app
  • Adding WIZ app and lamps back in HP23 (& new Homey integration in WIZ mobile app)

The odd thing is that I can add them back, but they immediately go to “Device Unavailable”.
I can see the Wi-fi lamps connected to my network, in the router. They do not answer ping. But I don’t know if they ever did. So I don’t know how to test the actual connection.

I have heard from other people in Norway having the same problem. So I suspect something wrong or changed on the WIZ side, but am unable to get any further in the troubleshooting.

Any help appreciated. Or even hearing that others are having the same problem.

Wild guess, but try to reserve an IP address for it @ dhcp server (in your router probably).

Sorry, I forgot to mention they all have reserved IP addresses.