WiFi IR Blaster?

Is it possible to connect WiFi IR Remote Control, USB Powered Smart Blaster? – I have it connected to the SmarLife app – having problems trying to get the smart life app to work with Homey – wondered if it can be connected some other way – this is the blaster I have IR Blaster

I see that it is a Tuya device.
It is quite possible to control this blaster via the Homey Tuya Cloud app once the device has been added.

The easiest option I recommend is the Switchbot Hub. It can learn all IR commands and is fully Homey compatible.

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Thanks - I did take a look at the Tuya Cloud but not sure how to configure it correctly as it wants API access ID and a couple of other things - not sure where to get them from

Will take a look at the SwitchBot - I also looked at the Broadlink - its just that I have to purchase an IR blaster again was hoping to use what I had

In the 1st article the procedure is described

Thanks will have a go