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Wifi connection weak

I have my Homey placed around 1m from my WiFi AP. My WiFi system is showing its connection at around 50% signal strength, yet many other devices around my house further away are showing 90% +.

If anything the Homey should have the strongest connection.

Is there an issue with the Homey WiFi ? its connected on the 5Ghz band, my WiFi is Unifi Pro’s.

I do have band-steering turned on, would that make a difference if the Homey prefers / has stronger 2.4 Ghz Wifi support ?

Homey doesn’t support 5ghz wifi at all, it is only 2.4ghz.

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Its certainly showing as connected on channel 149, which is 5Ghz

Did Athom silently started delivering newer hardware with 5 Ghz support?

Hi, I noticed that my Homey has a poor Wifi connection and it’s lost every 10-30 minutes.
Is this a known issue? I have one of the first Homeys which were available after crowdfunding.

Alert1977 i have got the same feeling but is there a way to log the connection to know for sure instat of my feelings.?

@DaneedeKruyff No, we do not ship Homeys with 5 GHz Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi dialog is wrong.


Hi Richard, I have a Fingbox installed in my network that’s monitors all my devices. That’s how I just found out. Also I have to unplug it sometimes to make new Wifi connection, for instance when I don’t see Homey online in the app. I have disabled speech, before I sometimes got the speech message that the connection was lost…

any suggestions on how to improve Wifi connection? I don’t use 5Ghz.

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I don’t how but my homey is connected to 5ghz for 100% because my 5ghz ssd is different from 2.4 ghz.
I bought it about 1 month ago.
More than a year ago i had also homey and there was no 5ghz support then. When i bought this one i was surprised that it has 5ghz option now. And also my first thought was they changed wi-fi chip in new batch.

Just to update everyone, I made a 2.4Ghz only network and reconnected my Homey to that, and its now showing on the 2.4Ghz channels, and 99% signal strength instead of the 45% on the 5Ghz bands !!

As Emile stated before. 5ghz is not supported. Great to hear you’re 2.4 has a good connection :blush: