New homey connection

I just got homey and I cannot connected to wifi. I followed the instructions, I have tried from android mobile and laptop. No luck.
What shall I do

Plz tell us what steps u took and where it goes wrong. With like errors or where ur stuck. Be as precise as u can be so u can get better help.

Hello Thank you
After I went to I connect my wifi to the homey setup then the browser went automatically to select my wifi. After selecting I put password and press connect. Homey starts to blink blue then after a while it says ( sorry I culd not connect to this wifi ) then it goes back again to the start page

And the WiFi is 2.4 ghz and ur sure the pass is correct ofc?

Yes 2.4

Looks to me that Homey setup is not done yet.
The WiFi network of Homey (HomeySetup-2975F9) should not be there anymore me guess?

Since its not connecting to my router it’s staying with all the available wifi. So after homey says it cannot connect my mobile automatically connect to my wifi

Quit the mobile and fire up a desktop/laptop with the Chrome browser.

I tried. Same thing

Have you tried doing the setup with the homey next to your wireless router?

No I didn’t I will try that

Thank a lot for the tip. It worked :blush:

This is a issue multiple users have had.
Im writing this in case it helps others…

I just tried to setup my new Homey, and also had a lot of issues with it.
I have tried turning of 5 GHz on my Wifi, and changeing 2.4 GHz to only use G/B with no luck (This is mentioned in Homey’s support page).
I tried turning of my wifi, creating a new mobile hopspot with same SSID and password, also no luck.
Tried reboot and reset the Homey a few times.
Tried to setup the unit from a Chrome browser on my laptop.

All of the above has been testet without luck a few times.
After the last reboot it connected without any problems at all.
Strange this issue is still on the unit after a few years…