New wifi setup

Just got a new wifi router in place and need to change Homey over to the new router.
I have done this once before so kinda know what i am doing, but it is not wroking for me this time.
Follwoing the instructions and putting Homey into recovery mode.
connecting to the “homey” wifi and opening the app, but it repeatly says it is unable to connect to Homey.
Put the other wifi router of in the house just incase there is some conflict, but still no luck.
Had phone right next to Homey but just refuses to connect.
Have made a new backup just in case but just can’t change it over.

Why is this so hard with Homey, why can’t there just be a setting we can change in the app !

Help please as need to switch of old network.
Running 5.0.0 RC47 Firmware on a 2016 standard Homey… ideas ?

I did the same last week, needed to go to the desktop webpage that the homey says:
And then ‘continue on desktop’

Yup, i tried that as well but after connecting to the Homey wifi as requested the system did nothing and just sat there !


Got it this time, it just took a good few seconds for the desktop / browser version to respond to the connection.


I’m glad it’s working for you now.

— Case closed —