I need help changing my wifi on Homey

Im new to Homey and havent been using it that much.
So to My question.
I connected My Homey a very Long while ago to My wi-fi and i did some flows and stuff. Then i didnt do anymore and it went on by itself.
Then i changed My Network and My internet suplier so my wifi changed along with My wifi adapter.
Now i cant reach My Homey… at all. I cant even log into it anymore.
What do i need to do? Was this wasted money?

Of course not wasted money, unless you don’t use and enjoy it…

Please look at the second post here, your answer on the question how to change the wifi connection for Homey is easily found by searching on the support site of Athom or searching on the forum here.

But maybe next time you should type your question as subject, discourse would have suggested reading that post.

Btw soon this will also be possible from the mobile App

Therefore I will close this discussion …

You’re not helpful…

I think i am. For this one and for future problems… :innocent:
But i will delete it…

Wow… Really nice guys. Thanks for the help. :expressionless:

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