Wifi connection on Homey Pro

I am new to Homey and when I saw that the Homey Pro didn’t have an ethernet port I wanted to send it back, but I was curious and thought that it would be fine. How wrong I was. It is horrible at keeping its connection to my wifi which is a ASUS XT8 mesh network. Can someone with a stable connection to their Homey Pro share their wifi settings? Mine looses wifi several times a week resulting in heating not being on or being on all day when it shouldn’t. Please help!

I have a Asus XT8 set and no problems in connecting my Homey whatsoever after updating the XT8’s with the latest (beta) firmware:
There’s a remark about connecting IoT devices improvements in the changelog.

I use 1 ssid for all frequencybands (“Smart Connect”) and all 3 bands (1x 2.4 and 2x 5GHz) since I have wired backhauls.

Furthermore, there are a lot of posts in the community here that can help you too. It really shouldn’t have to be a problem.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a try.


Same here. I updated same day and my Homey Pro connected straight away and hasn’t been offline since, so it definitely looks like it did the trick. Thanks!

You’re welcome!
The XT8 set performes really well since the update. Very happy with it. Reliable, ligbtning fast, highly configurable and for a “friendly” price…