Homey Pro 2023 Losing Internet access, both Ethernet and Wifi?

I’ve experienced Homey Pro to be fairly stable since I got it, except the couple of first beta’s where it would suddenly have a red ring. It could also be related to the first PSU though.

I have only had to hard restart it a couple of times, while only being set up with ethernet, no Wifi configured.

In the last couple of weeks I have been redoing the ethernet wiring, so it was reconfigured to use WiFi. Seemed to run OK for a while, but I’m suddenly having some dropouts. The WiFi reception is great, no issues with any other device.

I was now able to move it to its new location (in the server rack) and hooked up ethernet to it. It was not happy about wifi and ethernet being on different VLAN’s, so I had to reconnect ethernet after correcting the VLAN port setting.

I can now see that it’s both connected to ethernet and WiFi after reconnecting ethernet. All traffic seems to be on the ethernet port, but it’s still constantly connected to WiFi.
Is this correct behavior?

I do have some dropouts in the App, with the “retry” message. Nothing happens, but after a couple of hours it’s usually working again. I can also see app web API’s losing connection with Homey and therefore breaking some automations.

Should I reset the Homey again and remove WiFi? It seems to be more stable with ethernet only.
Anyone else have experience with this?
How about IP address reservations etc, does it help?

First question: Was it an issue in your house? or was there a general connectivity issue around that time?

Hard to say.
Last time I had an issue was today. 10:55 - No contact.

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Hopefully that was it.
So I should keep it on wifi as well as Ethernet?