Why does Homey app for iPad restart every time I switch between apps?


If I jump from the Homey app to another app and back, the Homey app always restarts. In addition to wasting time looking at the splash screen, it also means that anything I was doing gets undone. If I am building a flow and need to check something in another app, the unsaved flow is deleted and I am taken to the start screen and have to start over.

Is this the way the iOS/iPadOS app was built or is just on my iPad?

Best regards, Niklas Vackerdag

iOS can stop apps running in the background if it requires RAM/resources for the foreground app. Especially with older iDevices, with limited RAM, you’ll run into the issue you describe. My iPhone and iPad are relatively new and don’t suffer much from it.


I didn’t think my first and second generation iPad Pros were that old, but you probably are right. It’s a plausible explanation. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: