No way to restart an app from flow or script?


Is there any way to restart an app via a flow or homey script?
Reason: Sometimes certain apps start to act up and needs to be (manually) restarted to work again.
How do you get the app ID for an app, by the way?

Many thanks!

try Search restart app:
50+ results for restart app

I did, but no solution…


Activate ‘PowerUser’ in Homey settings/experiments.
Then you can use a flow action from category ‘system’.


Thank you! Perfect! :slight_smile:

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Afaik there’s no app ID
There’s an app driver though.
Look up an installed device of that app and find the details:

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Thank you, very useful!

It’s not under "system"anymore. It’s under the category “apps” now

OK, not on my Homey :upside_down_face:

Homey pro 2023 specific i guess…

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I see. Please keep in mind there are 3 different Homey models when making statements :wink:

Do you have to restart the apps if you restart Homey or will retart of the system restart all of the apps??

When Homey restarts, your apps will be started as well, one by one.
But you could’ve discovered that yourself by restarting Homey :crazy_face:


Why try yourself when you can ask on the forum? :roll_eyes:

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For the learning part (which is the goal of the forum): How do you see that the apps have been restarted after the system has been restarted?

Of course the goal is to learn and share our knowledge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

From what I know you can’t see or find out.
But you can be shure all apps are restarted when Homey is restarted. Simply while they can’t run when Homey is not running.

Not asked for, but maybe nice to know:
For Homey itself you can check for how long it’s running, and determine when the last start was;
go to, hit the cogwheel on the lower left, look for ‘System Information’ and then ‘Uptime’.

Tanks! Been looking for that :slight_smile: