Is it true that the Candy app isn’t working correct anymore?
If I got a app I won’t restart it anymore with my flow.

There is a new function standard in homey but can I make it variable which app I want to restart?

Yep, you can use system in your flows

Yes i know but with candy you could see which app crashed and then reset that App in 1 flow. Now it looks that you need to make one for every app.

Yep, you are right. I miss the possibilities of candy also. What I have done to minimize this problem is to make a one flow which restarts every app every night. That way I barely have problems with crashing apps. I have to admit that I am to lazy to make those flows for every app separate despite that homey has no problem with that many of flows. On the other hand this way i have no memory problems either, which often was the problem for crashing. Hue is the only app since this flow that has crashed once.

Is that easy to runn in a script?

Very easy

I think this can work to in Scripts

// Restart apps in case of crash

let apps = await Homey.apps.getApps();
crash = false;

_.forEach(apps, app => {

if(app.crashed == false) return;
console.log("App crashed, restart...");
crash = true;



return crash;

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Kijk hier heb ik dan geen kaas van gegeten. Op welke manier kan je dit installeren. Ben op dat gebied een noob. Daarentegen weer wel heel erg geïnteresseerd.

Enige verschil met mijn flow is dat de flow standaard homey geheugen vrij maakt, tov jou script.

Ah I don’t have eaten cheese of this;-). Which way do you install this. I am a complete noob at this point. On the other hand very interested in this.

Only difference with my flow and your script is you make some memory free for Homey

You can call it every X minute in the IF collum and then in the AND collum runn the script. It will return a TRUE if these was a restart of a app so you can send a message to you’re phone or something.

Ah I understand it now. You use homeyscript as a app for this.

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