Scheduled App Restart

Does someone have a clue if it is possible to restart app in a scheduled manner. My case for this question is, the Toon app which seems to loose connectivity after some time. Only a restart of the app brings back communication. between homey (v 2.0.2) and the Toon app (v 2.0.6). So until the app is finally fixed (and stable) i’ll need to settle for scheduled app restart.

It used to be possible in v1.5 (using the Candy app), but I think the functionality that’s required to do this is removed from v2.

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I must say I’m still running Homey v1.5 but below is the script I use to restart certain apps daily. You’ll have to check if this works for version 2.0 of Homey.

The homeyscript I use contains the following:

await Homey.apps.restartApp({id: 'magic.home.wifi'});
await Homey.apps.restartApp({id: 'com.swttt.homekit'});
await Homey.apps.restartApp({id: 'nl.scanno.mqtt'});
return true;

I called it restartApps.js

Then create a flow and trigger on a specific sunevent or scheduled time and run the homeyscript.

Hopefully you can recreate this for version 2.0.

As Athom made Homey more secure:

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In the API-Playground this works: Homey.apps.restartApp({id: 'com.plugwise'});

Bummer, I use this to keep everything running smoothly.

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So do you suggest writing a headless browser script that would navigate to the API Playground and run that code?