Homey restarts itself?

It seems since a few days Homey keeps restarting regularly. Or at least, that what I think since the orange ring is turning and the app is unresponsive while the ring is orange. I tried restarting it manually but this didn’t help, any suggestions on how to solve this?

Maybe try PTP (Pull the plug) for 15 minutes, see if that helps

Look at settings system below the stuf for geeks,
The uptime in seconds shows the last time Homey restarted the operating system.
In some cases we have seen defective power adapters if you have a good USB adapter 5 volt 2 Amperes you could test if your original adapter is causing the restarting.

I tried pulling the plug, after putting it back in Homey made some weird noises (like static) so I pulled it again. I can only find a 5V 2.1A adapter, can I use this to test it?

No problem, try that adapter it is the max the adapter can provide.
Normal Homey uses less current, it is just that more powerful adapters are generaly more stable.

This seems to have solved the problem, thanks!

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I had the same problem with my previous Homey and wanted to now how often it occurred. If you install Candy, you can make a flow that pushes a message to your phone if Homey finished starting up. That way you instantly now when Homey suffered a restart. If you include a current time card in the push message you even know exactly when it occurred.

I am having a similar issue lately!

I have candy app installed and will push me a message when my Homey is “initiated”.

I have been getting push messages saying my homey is initiated a lot lately. Does that mean it went on a self reboot? its weird because the uptime on homey shows 12 hours even though I just got a Homey initiated message

I’ve seen several (3) spontaneous restarts last 2 weeks. I changed the adapter but no luck.

Overhere also since yesterday. Restart about every 15 minutes😬

And did u try to change the power adapter with another adapter?

Immediately ordered one. Use Homey for three years now. Always thought it would not happen to me😜

There are two certainties in life: Homey’s power supply breaking, and taxes.


New adapter solved it!

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