Homey restarting after 5.0.1 update

After updating to version 5.0.1 tonight my Homey Pro just keeps restarting.
It’s up and running for a few minutes, but before all apps get startet up it just restarts.
I’ve tried disabling multiple apps, but they seem to be loaded anyway. Also uninstalled a few apps that wasn’t in use, but it still restarts after a few minutes.
Tried with a different power supply that delivers 5 VDC and 2,4 A, but it behaves just the same.
Any tips?

For support or issue resolution, first have a look at support.athom.com. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on support.athom.com you can send a support request to Athom via https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new.

If you need help you can read more about how to submit a support request.

When filing a support request, make sure you add all necessary information so Athom can help you as quickly as possible.

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for the info.
I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to post questions like this here.

Just for information: I got Homey up and running again by disabling all my apps. Seems to be running fine now, and I’ve started up most of my apps again.

Good to read it works again,
no problem with the question but beside what you did not much options for the community to advice,
Sending an Log to Athom gives them more options to analyze.

Next time you could try a PTP (pull the plug for 15 minutes), this mostly solves this kind of problems.

He changed the power supply, which can’t really be done without a PTP :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do that quickly, it’s not a real PTP, as you know, that must be longer, like 15 minutes.

I think that’s mostly myth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not for me, have had several times a red ring after a power interruption (mains), 1 or 2 PTP’s restarted my Homey.

So you can confirm a 11.1 minute PTP won’t do, and should at least be 11.2 minutes for it to work :crazy_face: For me an 11.2 sec PTP has until now done just fine. But then again, patience has never been my strong suite. :smile:

So a PTP of 1 minute didn’t work for your but a PTP of 15 minutes did?

Should I have tried 1 minute, then 2 minutes a.s.o.?
Lets stop this discussion, makes no sense, if you don’t want to use it, fine, if it helps you, even better, it just a tip to help someone who is asking for help.

Yes, but there’s a lot of inflation going on. Used to be 10 mins, then 11.2, now 15. Sure, it can be too short, but it’s not like there’s a huge capacitor in Homey that needs to discharge. These longer times are usually reserved for devices where a classic power supply is buit in and heavily smoothed out. We can all agree the Homey original adapter is not that, and pulled out completely anyway.

The PTP of 10 minutes has come from 5 years of experience where shorter useally just didn’t work, and nobody can tell you why, could be that it is just coincidence, who knows.
We don’t say 10 minutes cause it is supposed to be 10+ minutes, and say 11.2 cause that is (in fact) more then 10 minutes and sticks better with people cause it’s an odd number.
In 5 years a lot has changed, so it might not be as needed, but haven’t seen anyone who tried as 10+ min just works.

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Didn’t use 15 minutes to change the power supply, so I guess Homey was without power for maybe just 2-3 minutes.
Sent a support request so hopefully I can get a replay with what may have caused it. Nervous for restarting Homey now, in case it doesn’t start up again. :grimacing:

I read someware on a hue forum that it had to do with the connected devices.
When the connected devices lose connection to the bridge for a “longer time” (5min?, 11.2min? 15 min) the devices go into some kind of search mode.

Anyone experience with that? Or is it a hoax?
(It would explain the “huge capacitor” theory)

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