My Homey restarts on its own

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my Homey, it restarts on its own.

Do you have any avenues to explore?


First of all replace the power unit with a decent, well-known brand version, 5V and 2A or higher. Replace the cable as well (just in case).
(The original power unit is known for outputting less than 5V over time)

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thank you @Peter_Kawa I will test this, is there a “clean” way to turn off homey?

Oddly enough you can soft-restart it, but to switch it off, cutting the power is the only way…

good evening

I changed my diet but it didn’t change anything.
what else can i do?

I thinks it’s best to inform Athom, if you didn’t already.
You can create a diagnostics report up front (gets explained when you follow the link), so maybe the team can discover anything odd.

One thing you can do after that, perform a so-called Full Software Download

Thank you for your, I will test this.

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