Homey frequently restarting

Since a few days my homey frequently sends a push message that it has restarted, sometimes more than 20 times a day. I updated to version 8.0.3 but that did not help. I also saw that sometimes the led ring just suddenly starts flashing red. No idea what happens or why. Lot of times then nothing works anymore for a few minutes. Any help would be appreciated.

First course of action is to replace the power supply, they’re known to degrade and cause random issues. Any USB supply with the same connector and at least the same Ampere rating should do.

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Please look here

Thanks for the answers, just replaced with a 3A power supply, hope that will solve it, will watch today how it goes.

EDIT: So far so good, till now no more restarts since this morning… :pray:

What’s the first?.. :roll_eyes:

Something between a couch or chair and the mobile :crazy_face: