Infinite booting and strange sounds - Homey pro

Hi everyone.
Woke up this morning noticing none of my flows was working, and tried accessing the app.

Just got told that the Homey was disconnected, and tried rebooting it. Now it’s just stuck booting, with an orange light going around.
Also noticed some strange sounds from it, both a high frequency noise and a loud “clicking”.
This just goes on repeat, no changes.

Is this a defect?
Kinda stuck here, with a lot of inaccessible devices that needs to be controlled by the homey, and as far as I can see I can’t get my hands on a new one.

My Homey Pro was bought in April 2021, and I had hoped it would last a bit longer.

It’s possible that the power supply has failed, a quite common problem. Try replacing it with an adapter capable of supplying 2A or preferably more.

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Known Issue…