Homey rebooting (often)

Not sure since when but for at least a week now my Homey is rebooting very often.
By often I mean several times per hour (maybe sometimes not, not looking at it constantly) when I pay attention to it I mostly see in app “last boot 5 minutes” or “last boot 20 minutes”, have yet to see a last boot time older then even 30 minutes let alone longer.

How can I debug this? Are there system logs to view and find out why Homey is rebooting or do I need to contact Athom?

My Homey is a (Early 2016) version v7.1.1
I have a few apps installed (Aqara & Xiamoi Zigbee, Fibaro, IFTTT, Neo Coolcam, Philips Hue, Soundboard, Telegram Bot, Ubiquiti Unifi Protect) and am not a power user.

Start by replacing the power supply.

of course, should have thought about that one myself.
Would an adapter with more then 5V-2A output be useful or bad ?
(used a 5v-2A now, had one from a tablet)

I think the original power supply provides 2.1A, but 2A will probably work. A supply that can provide more than 2.1A is fine too.

my original athom adapter says 5V-2.0A so used one to match, will get a new one anyway (need this one for the tablet eventually) might get 2.1A or 2.5A then.
First lets see if this fixes it.

Had the same problem about a month ago. A new power supply fixed the problem.
I did contact Athom support and got a new power supply a few days later.

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no reboot for over 3 hours now so was indeed the adapter, wont ask Athom the Homey is 5 years old so will get one myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine is 2016 version too.