App Crash


I have a app (Meross) which crashes sometimes. Now my question, is it possible to make a flow, that this app every day at maybe 24:00 restart automatically?

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Activate the ‘Experiments’ in the Homey settings. Now you can make a flow triggered by Time and uns the App restart action.

In addition you should contact the developer (forum, github if possible) and send a diagnostic report to offer a possibility to fix this issue

Hi RonnyW

Thanks for your answer. I activated the “Expermients” in the Homey settings. Is it “Power User”? Now, I would like to make a flow. Where can I find the App restart action function? Can you make a print-screen?

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Yes, PowerUser ist the right one.
In the flow THEN part, select System/restart app and select the app you want to restart.

That works :-). Thank you for your help.

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