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Why are there no Homey Pro's on stock?

Hi, I ordered a Homey Pro at Mediamarkt. but they can’t supply it. why is there no shop whitch can deliver? is there a problem?

You should ask Athom: support@athom.com

This is a community forum and the community doesn’t know about Athom’s supply chain and possible issues with it.

couldn’t find the adress .

The true “solution” would be for them to have made an announcement in “Announcement” section … :smirk:

I’m still trying to figure out why it’s even there … lol

Due to high demand and worldwide component shortages, shipment of Homey Pro orders is delayed with approximately 3 weeks.


I do have to wonder…

Considering the fact that the fundamental tech that makes up the main core of the Pro’s is essentially 10 to 13 years old now , when will that become a problem. (If not already).

I think the manufacturer that produces the SOM modules stopped manufacturing those a few years ago… (maybe 2018)

The question is are these components still in production ? or just limited to dwindling stockpiles lurking around in some warehouses .

Dear Russell,
I think we all know now you’re not happy with Homey and Athom. And that’s okay.
But a kind request:
Could you and would you address the negativity to support@athom.com instead of this forum please…


Hush now…

Facts hurt my eye’s . :smirk:

It’s not just me.

There are fundamental issues with Athom that really need to be addressed otherwise this whole project will go down the drain… (that’s how it’s heading)

Brushing things under the carpet like Rocco does will just guarantee it …

Truth is truth , facts are facts …

You’re talking to yourself now.

I guess i am …

You surprise me sometimes Rob… Thought you were a fellow truth seeker…

It’s Roco!

Sorry Roco ,

Getting back on topic , does anyone know the status of the hardware supply that makes up the Homey Pro’s … Are the SOM’s , wifi/bluetooth, CPU’s still in production ?

I don’t work for Athom, so no.

I can’t say about the specific components that are used in Homey Pro but there is generally a world wide shortage of semiconductor components.
I have been trying to buy a new car but, because I like gadgets, all the makes I have looked at (Mercedes, Range Rover, BMW) are quoting at least 12 months delivery because of the shortages.
The company I work for have had to make quick design changes to use alternative components as we can’t get some things.
So it is not a big surprise that Athom has also been affected and are experiencing delays.

While I was trying to research the Wifi issues I was having with my Pro I got to learn a bit about the system…

From what I can tell the major core of the Pro’s hardware is based on an off the shelf product made by a small company based in Israel called Solid-Run…

It’s basically a small PCB sub assembly referred to a SOM (system on module) that literally clips onto the main PCB that Athom designed via some multi-pin connectors on the underside of the SOM…

The SOM is literally a small Linux computer. It has everything on it including a Cortex A9 CPU , GPU with HDMI output, DDR 3 ram , wifi , Bluetooth, , audio out, Gigabit Ethernet , USB controller , GPIO outputs , serial outputs , CAN output , SD card port and an input for a camera…

Just an interesting side note, these were actual primarily used in set top box Media Player’s .

These particular SOM’s are still available for sale on Solid-Run’s website ($115 retail) but the components that make them up such as the CPU etc etc are now out of production from what I can tell.

The Coretex A9 CPU came out nearly 10 years ago now. Id have to assume that these SOM’s are now just sitting in a limited stockpile (until stocks last)

Solid-Run look to have a new generation SOM for sale which uses current generation CPU’s , GPU’s etc etc. … It seems to have the same physical connectors on the underside of the board but overall looks completely different to the old SOM design . (the one the Pro uses)

I’d dare say these new SOM’s could theoretically be crossed over but it will probably need a new main PCB design, a major Homey OS core update , and a change to the cloud servers …

I’m just hoping Athom are on top it and are already working on a new system, and don’t stick with these old SOM’s for too long …:roll_eyes:

Regarding your name; are you referring to the Dutch Mediamarkt shops?
According to their website there should be 18 shops in The Netherlands that have the Pro in stock…?