Homey is selling out. What is the reason?

Hello, I am from Slovakia and I got information that Homey is selling out from stores and they don’t accept new orders here in Slovakia. What’s the reason? Is Homey preparing something new? Will the support be still available?

I am wondering if Homey is still good choice. Thanks!

Hi Thomas,
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I also see in their own store the Homey is out of stock at the moment, the Pro is still available for next day delivery. There is no sign or official statement about availability from Athom. It could be temporary, maybe due to demand for Homey’s :wink:

For me at this moment the Homey Pro would the only option as that one has double CPU and Memory and as you can’t upgrade a standard Homey …
so if you ask me a Homey Pro is the best choice! (and at the moment maybe the only)

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And sorry I forgot to answer this one,
Support and firmware for both Homey and Homey Pro are the same.
Doing some trick like Sonos did with s1 and s2 probably would do not good to the brand Athom. I can’t imagine them doing something like that.

Was there any price drop for the old models before they announced the 2019 models?

Hi, I spoke to a reseller here in The Netherlands about the normal Homey is selling out. They are in close contact with Athom and they told me that because of production issues, caused by the corona virus, the production of the normal version stopped. And because the Pro model is gonna be the main model, they decided to not restart the production of the normal version. They also told me there are no plans in the near future to release a new version :wink:

So because the pro cost 14 dollars more to produce and they can ask 100 euro’s more for it it’s a good plan.

As everywhere in the free market economy. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah. But now it makes the Homey 100 euro’s more expensive to buy.

No, not really

There’s a discussion in the german forum too. Athom replied to one of the members and told, that they just stopped producing the normal one due to demand.

Yes, and you can believe me that I am not happy with such practices either.

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I agree. That behavior und communication is unacceptable

I think u mean the lack of communication?

However you name it, it’s bad😛

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