Homey Pro - device upgrade & availability

Hi community,

I am very interested in buying a Homey Pro and have two questions:

  1. Does a roadmap/plan for improving/upgrading the Homey Pro already exist?

  2. What’s the reason for the unavailability of the Homey Pro in the Homey shop? Supply chain problems or maybe will it be discontinued?

As you may assume, I’d like to avoid investing € 400 for an “old” device. :grinning:

I hope for your help!

Best wishes from Austria,

No. Athom does not publish plans / roadmaps unfortunately.

Supply chain. They would be pretty dumb to stop selling this model, when a new model is not for sale yet. :upside_down_face:

I understand, while everyone today (nothing personal) seems brainwashed a device is “old” after 2 or 3 years. Of course this ‘Kugel’ can use some upgrades.
I combined it with a E50,- NUC with HomeAssistant. Nothing more needed here.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

So, at the moment it seems that’s it’s not possible to buy a Homey Pro anywhere - any ideas in the community how long it will take to get it in stock again!? … or any hints where I can find one?

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Maybe something interesting will happen in 7 days:
Homey Keynote — No Compromises. - YouTube

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… well, where can I find one in stock? :slight_smile:

Wait for October 11th

Hi Seiti, I was lucky finding one in a shop and will receive it hopefully next week :blush:.
Now I need to find out how to transfer my SmartThings to Homey Pro :see_no_evil:

Is it possible to pre-order? Can help future customers and the supply chain :slight_smile:

Most web give you that possibility but no one exactly knows the délai :nauseated_face:

Indeed some do but I refuse to pay upfront without any promiss or so… (I’m Dutch :wink:)

I’m afraid it’s not gonna be a new model Pro guys.