Whitings APP, need some advise

That’s not right. 3 applets are for free.

So you connect one user via the Homey App and one user via IFTTT. I assume that you only need 2 applets for one user, but I am not sure.

So it still has no second user option?


Did you read the post I linked???

yes i read it.

But could not find any clear answer if it would work with 2 persons/mats, in the reviews where is mentioned that it does not are over 6 months old and athom answered to send email with a future request. So maybe meanlwhile it does support more persons.

And if not is it possible to get 2 mats to work?
1 using the app and 1 using iftt?

As Jamie wrote, 2 users (2 sleeping mats) cannot be used with the Withings app.

The last app update (test version) is about 2 months ago and they changed only „What’s new in v3.0.2 - Added Flow Cards for all measurements.“
So I guess it is not possible.

A user in the German forum said that he connected 2 sleeping mats via IFTTT.
Maybe you just write and ask him if one sleeping mat can be connected via Withing app and the other sleeping mat via IFTTT.

hi, does anyone know if these older style Withings sleeping mats are compatible with the Homey app?

Hey @milkplus!

We are using new one and old one. Both is connected via IFTTT and works fine!

Awesome news! Thanks for the response. Do you need to have the Aura light bit setup still? Am not particularly interested in that, just the sleep mats themselves.

I don’t have Aura Light just sleep mats. :slight_smile:

Ah cool. I didn’t realise that the mats could work on their own. I assumed it all worked together as one system.

No, no. :slight_smile: Aura is help to sleep, mats its track to sleep. We are really love the mats, becouse you don’t have to wear anything at night.

Just to confirm then. I should be able to connect the mats that come with the Aura package to Homey via ifttt and chuck the lamp in the bin? I really just want to use them for awake/asleep detection.

Yes, its not easy, but you can do it. Anyway just for sure, it is have some Delay, and you can’t exacly tell to the mats you are is sleeping. So, if you going to sleep, your mats will be check, you are sleep or not. Its mybe 30 mins or so… so after that your lamp turn off. And same when you wake up.

Thanks for the clarification. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t plonking down cash for no reason :sweat_smile:

Sounds like it’s not a foolproof system, but then what is! Worth a shot thought for the 40€ I’ve managed to find these for I reckon.

I would prefer this for sleeping, lets check your exacly routin. (Sorry for my English).

SO when is 8:00PM – 11:00PM and something like: your TV is turned off, and livingroom lights turned off, and no motion in living room – Homey set your status to sleeping.

After you Wake up, if you make coffee, buy a smart outlet, and check the power. SO when 6:00AM to 10:00AM and smart power outlet (coffee maker) is turned on, you are wake up, and Homey set, you are wake up. :slight_smile:

After this routins you can make some automation. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s an excellent suggestion for sleep/awake! Although no one in the house drinks coffee haha but maybe I can set the same sort of thing up for the toaster (or opening the fridge door to get milk).

If I understand correctly, the issue with the sleep mats is that they don’t actually know when you’re sleeping. So you have to set a delay (eg 30 mins) but that isn’t always accurate due to you going to sleep earlier/later each night. Is that correct?

They know for sure, but if you are just hanging out in the matress or kids, thats not working perfect :smiley:

Toaster is would be the best, or fridge door with exacly time. :slight_smile:

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the mat knows when you are sleeping or not, but this info is not passed on to Homey
When you use the official app then you have all this info, sadly this info is not passed on or retrieved by Homey.

Also you do not need IFTTT anymore, the withings app from homey support since a few months multiple users, you can connect the mats directly to Homey.