How can I connect to multiple IFTTT accounts?

Hi there!
My wife and I both have seperate Withings accounts to collect our health data. We want to steer our smart home through connecting the Withings services to IFTTT and have IFTTT trigger Homey flows.
As IFTTT only supports connecting to one account per service we have seperate IFTTT accounts and would need to connect both to homey.
How can we do that?
Thank you in advance for any help!

In this topic on the old forum you should be able to find the info you’re looking for:


Hi KvM!

Thanks a lot for your fast reply! That helps a lot.
Now I got IFTTT coupled with Webhooks and Webhooks with Homey. I just have the problem that the Webhook request comes back with error 400. what might I have done wrong?



This I cannot help you with, never worked with webhooks. But I suppose somebody else can