How to add 2 Withings Users


I just installed 2 ‘Withings Sleep Analysers’ for my partner and I. I’ve already added one User to Homey via the Withings App and it works great, but I’m not able to add a second user at all. Am I doing something wrong, or is it not possible to add 2 Withings Users in Homey?

Withings Sleep Analyser

Have read in a topic, cant find it that fast…thats not possible for adding 2 different users.

Edit… found it , but its in Dutch.

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The TS asked athom about it, and they respond with that it would be possible in future update of the app, no time mentiond


That’s great, bedankt! Hopefully the update will come soon.

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Is their any report on, if someone was able to add a second user, or when the update will be released? Maybe we can ask withings?

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I haven’t heard anything unfortunately.

Waiting for the option as well…


This was a big disapointment with only one user possible in Homey.

Because there is only support for one user, and I have no more fee IFTTT slots (limited to 3 in the free version) I have created a little service of my own running on webserver in combination with webhooks to access the Homey. It has been running for a few weeks now, without any problems.
Anyone who wants to give it a try, visit
I consider it a temporary solution as it should not be that hard to either allow multiple instances of the current Withings-app or add the option for multiple accounts.


With the todays app update v3.1.0 it is possible to use multiple users!


Yes, that’s good news!

Now if only it would support the Withings Sleep Analyzer and thus enable events for getting into bed and waking up… Would be a dream come true!

It already does :confused:

OMG! You are so right! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

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