Reconnect withings analyzers after firmware update of homey 2023

What is the correct way to activate my withings sleep analyzers after a firmware update of homey !?

Every time a firmware update is installed my sleep analyzers loose connetion.

Recover maintenence or restart the withings app doesn’t solve the problem.

I have to uninstall the app and install it again, also reconnect the sleep analyzers and fix the flows to get it working again

what works for me (HP Early 2023):

  1. restart the withings App.After that:
  2. re-pair the withings devices. (i have 2 for 2 users).

re-pairing the first device prompts first for a login in the Withings-server.
Next I have to select a user,
Subsequently I get a Homey-screen: scroll down and don’t forget to select “Gebruik deze app/use this app”. On smaller screens this button may not be visible without scrolling. (it took me a while to find it).
then you get the screen “you can now close this window”.

I repeat these steps for mmy second user.

I hope it will work for you too.
koind regards,

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Thanx Paul I’ll try it with the next update your reply is very much appreciated!

Hi Paul today was a new fiemware update and I was very excited to try but without result (I have 3 analyzers). The only option left was te remove the app and install the analyzers again. Thanks for your input.

I am sorry to hear that. Did you also restart the app? I am not sure if you first have to restart the app before repairing the users or the other way around. In my case it is a little bit trial and error.

Hope this issue will be solved in the near future.

Kind regards,

Jeroen, I recently run into the same trouble that I could not reconnect my Withings devices after an update.
But I noticed that I was successful when I follow the procedure rather slowly. So between each step I include a one-second wait. That helped.

Thought, I should let you know.