Which successor for my Synology DS214+

It is time to upgrade my Synology DS214+ and this time I would like to start using the ‘docker’ function; I want to install Home Assistant and use that together with Homey.

I am looking at both the DS218+ and the DS718+

How ‘snappy’ is the DS218+ is, whilst running HASSIO in docker. Is that okay? Does it lag? Would the DS218+ be overkill?

I would rather invest in more disk capacity that redundant CPU capacity, so I hope the DS218+ is sufficient.

Any suggestions / experiences?


Looking at the specs (I don’t have either device myself), the DS718+ is about twice as fast reading/writing encrypted volumes, and is supports an SSD cache which the DS218+ doesn’t. Both don’t necessarily have to do with disk capacity, but they do with disk performance.

I think HA will run fine on the DS218+, I think RAM will be more of a bottleneck than CPU but both devices have the same amount of RAM (and also have the same maximum amount).

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It depends of the other things you use your Syno for, but normally the DS218+ is more than sufficient for the average user. When running Docker, enough RAM is very important like @robertklep says.

When you want to run multiple containers or containers that need a lot of allocated RAM, expanding the RAM is a must. Therefor a DS218+ with extra RAM is a good buy, especially if you want to spend your money on more disk space. A DS718+ is better, but not needed for some basic stuff and running Docker only.

(I own a DS718+ myself)

When only running a HA container, extra RAM isn’t needed.

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Thanks guys, good point to consider more RAM!

My DS214+ had enough power to do what I needed, so I guess that only adding docker with HA the DS218+ should handle that fine.

Thanks again for your replies!

RAM tip: click en click

Also consider DS220+ (the 2020 model of DS218+) is already announced for this summer, it will be available before 1st of september…

If you can wait, you can have or the latest model or have the 218+ probably for a better price :wink:

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