Which mesh router for WiFi heavy smart home

Okay, so I’ve tried typical places but it seems the average household has less than 25 WiFi devices.
I have a total of 52+ devices (it maxes out at 52) on my current Linksys Velop setup and it can’t cope, giving me occasional dropouts

The only manufacturer I can find that states support of 100+ is Eero but can’t find many.reviews of that particular model.
wondered if anyone can recommend a mesh setup that’s working for them with as many devices as I have?


My experience with mesh setups is that a lot of IoT devices have troubles with mesh systems (or the other way around :slight_smile:)
Since I have setup a dedicated 2.5 GHz (non-mesh) wifi network for just IoT devices, I have no problems at all anymore.

Such a network might be easier to setup, as IoT devices don’t generally need a very fast connection, so if a far corner of your house is covered by (slow) 2.5 GHz wifi, chances are it is sufficient for it’s purpose.
You can cover your house with mesh wifi then for all the things where you do need faster connections.

I have used Velops too before, which also gave me trouble. Then switched to an Asus XT8 wifi 6 set, but although I am very, very happy with it’s perfomance, still a few IoT devices have troubles with it (all my Shelly’s, Rituals Genie, Broadlink IR, Arduino boards, etc, etc…)

Hmm, I hadn’t considered that option, tho the thought of changing all the access point fills me with fear!

That said the issue hasn’t been the mesh, it’s been stable enough but the device limit is problematic. Your solution might solve that tho.
If only there were a way to use my existing Virgin hub to do that 2ghz while using my mesh, but I think that would complicate things :thinking:

Just thinking on this… would it work if I connected the additonal 2ghz router into one of the Velop nodes? That way I could centralise in the house better…

Also, I actually reached out to Asus to get info on their device numbers and they said to my 100 device query:

As a rule of thumb, we would recommend up to 20-25 clients per device. We suggest to set up 5 nodes (including the main router and other mesh nodes) in an AiMesh system. This number is based on all AiMesh nodes connecting to others via Wi-Fi.
If you apply all Ethernet backhaul, the number can be more. However, 5 nodes is suggested for the best performance for the system.

I general: a wired backhaul is always better.

I don’t get what you’re meaning by this? (I suppose you mean 2.4 GHz btw)

I use my ISP’s modemrouter for 2.4 GHz IoT wifi and my XT8 set for all other wifi (i use them wired too).
A lot of info can be found here:

It helped me a lot in my search for a new wifi 6 set. And Dong (formerly known as “ The Router Guy”) always responds quickly on questions too.

I’ll look into this. Fwiw all my nodes are wired backhaul
How did you get your ISP modem router working alongside your Mesh? I needed to put mine into modem only to get it to work…

Most isp modemrouters have wifi too. Just turn that on and you have a separate wifi network for your IoT devices.
This wifi doesn’t integrate in your mesh setup of course, it is totally separate (although in the same network of course)

I use my isp modem as router too and the XT8 is in accesspoint only mode.