Best multiroom wifi 6 mesh system

This question might be asked already, but you can imagine how many hits I get when I search for wifi, router or mesh… :slight_smile:

I am looking for a new multiroom wifi 6 mesh system. I only need it to act as access point, as I will continue to use my isp’s modem-router and Synology NAS for network control. My budget is 300-400 euro.

My questions are:

  • what devices can you recommend?
  • do I need tri-band or is dual-band sufficient when I connect each node by UTP, which is very well possible for me
  • I see a lot of good reviews here about Ubiquiti Unifi here. What are the advantages? (I did read the topics about these devices)
  • Any other advice is welcome too!

My situation:
Apartment 125 m3
All nodes connected by UTP
Possibility for PoE
Fritzbox 7590 ISP modemrouter
Highspeed fiber internet

My wishes:
Access points (or router that can be used as access point)
Wifi 6 (to be ready for future)
At least 2 nodes to full cover my apartment, incl balcony/terrace
PoE (nice to have - not mandatory)
Homey app (i.e. for presence detection, nice to have - not mandatory)

Considered options:
Ubiquiti Unifi
TP-Link Deco or Omada
Asus ZenWifi XT8
Huawei Mesh 7 (seems good value for money)
Netgear Orbi (seems quite expensive)
Others? Recommendations?

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