Which Dominique box

Hello, I am looking for a home automation box to control my shutters (connected with Yokis modules), gate (Came), garage (somfy) and some outdoor lamps (with yokis module).

Which Dominique box do you recommend?

I previously had a Berry raps to pilot all these equipment. I would like to acquire a box with less DIY while making simple and more sophisticated scenarios.

Thank you

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

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Welcome Matrixx,

just for info, this is the community forum for Ahom’s smart home products, e.g. Homey Bridge, Homey Pro.
So it would be more or less the same if you asked in a Renault forum which car manufacturer they would recommend… :wink:

But to give you a useful answer, at this moment only Somfy products are supported by Homey Bridge/Pro.
You can check the App Store to find out which manufacturers and devices are currently supported. Please note that only the “Official” apps can be used for the Homey Bridge.

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