Fibaro roller shutter and Google home


I got Somfy DCT curtain motors that I want to use with fibaro roller shutters. I want to know if it’s going to be possible to say commands like “open curtains to 50%” etc or it’s only going to work as open/close?

Only ‘open/close’ works here.

That’s unfortunate. I wonder if there is anyway to make it work

If there is also the command STOP, then you can partially close by sending CLOSE and STOP with a delay of a number of seconds ( that is what I do with my Somfy awning )

We’re talking about voice commands through GH. How do you want to implement a delay?

In the flow that you call with the STOP command?
( just hoping that my stupid comments trigger some bright ideas :-))

With a custom routine then I suppose? Didn’t think about that because there still are no routines available in Belgium. :frowning:

Which motors do you guys have?
I got somfy Movelite DCT, and it refuses to work properly, so I will try to exchange to a different model, but I just don’t know what to get at this point. There are 3 different ones RTS, I guess works with remote over 433, DCT which is dry contact and WT.

What should I go for for the best experience?