Blinder control; Shelly vs Somfy

Hi all, one of my blinder motors died after 15 years and some more seem to be on the brink. Right now I control the blinders via KNX and schedule via IPSymcon. Just wondering what would make more sense for a seamless integration with Homey Pro: using a local Shelly Relais or Somfy Blinder motors? Does anybody have any experience with either setup?

I have the Somfy motors and I’m very happy with them. I use solar panels in the windows with rechargable AA batteries and I have only just had to change a set of batteries after about 7 years.
The only thing missing is position feedback as I have the RTS motors, but I haven’t really found that much of a problem.
My only other experience is with a Qubino module and a cheap motor from Amazon. That works well but I had to run low voltage power to it. I tried it on the same battery pack and solar module but it draws too much power and I had to keep manually recharging the batteries. However, it was significantly cheaper.

Hi Adrian, thank you for sharing your experience with the Somfy motors.
Still looking if somebody has gone down the Shelly path as well.

Kind Regards,