Opening the garage door (fibaro relais switch)

Good morning community,

I have a really small issue with my fibaro relais switch and opening my garage. I have a relatively old garage door which is operated with a remote and/or a pulse switch. I have successfully connected the fibaro relais switch (in the pulse) and have been using it for a a few weeks.
The integration with HomeKit also works just fine.


The only thing that really hurts my OCD brain is the following. In order to open/close the garage door I have to say: hey Siri/hey google turn the garage door on. I know it’s a small issue but it just feels dumb to say that. I would really like it if I was able to say open/close garage door.

My temporary solution is using Siri Shortcuts, Webhooks and a flow. And naming the shortcut openthegarage. It works 60% of the time. And when it does with huge delay.

Is there any workaround. Or perhaps a different module I should use?
Thank you in advance and have a great day!


I think the easiest way is to create a Virtual Roller shutter with Virtual Decices.
If virtual device is up than turn Relais on.

And add the virtual device to HomeKit, and remove the relais switch from homekit.

Thank you for your response nick. I will definitely try this. Haven’t used virtual devices yet so It will take some testing. Nevertheless thank you!

So far i am able to

  • add virtual device (shutter/blind)
  • configure flow so when i ‘‘close’’ curtain the relai switch turns on
  • remove fibaro relais switch from homeykit.
    i havent been able to add/see the virtual roller shutter in homekit.
    it also doesnt show up in my devicelist under the homeykit app in homey.

am i missing something? does it take some time to update? or is perhaps the chosen shutter not supported by the homekit app.

any further assistance would be greatly appriciated!

I have found the issue in an old thread
Only virtual buttons can be added and be seen in HomeKit

@NickvanderGraaf thank you for your reply but unfortunately this won’t work

I tried this and when I Ask Siri “Doe Test omhoog/omlaag” it turns on/off the light.
I created a Curtain Device with up/down/stop.
Did you add the device in the settings of the homekit app on you’re homey?

Hmm, going to try this again.

What I did was the following:
Homey—> add device —> virtual device
Select device—> set name —-> choose curtains ( also tried roller shutter ) —> select op/stop/neer

After that I created a flow that when the virtual device is set to up or down to turn on the relais switch.

When checking the homeykit app within homey I can see all devices that will show up in HomeKit but not the new created virtual device.

Could I be using a different homeykit app since I’m not seeing ( I think they are) Mac addresses unlike your list

I’m using HomeKit

I’m not sure off this works for homeykit.

thank you for the feedback.

i was using homeykit, no i have removed homeykit and installed Homekit app. i might have screwed myself over here since now homekit wont find homey to pair with lol

Did you use 666-66-666?


I did but without succes.
Thank you for your help . will figure this out later. Since the whole infrastructure is one big mess right now lol

I dont know how or why, but in my case I have Fibaro relay named “Gate” used for electric gate opening. When I say “Hey Google, open the gate” it works directly without any virtual buttons.

Edit: tested it and no, its not working anymore. I swear that it worked before :slight_smile: Now only “turn ON” or “run the gate” works.

Yeah right, it used to work :wink: nah thanks for your feedback mate!

Still trying the approach nick suggested as soon as I get my homey paired to HomeKit again
Still won’t turn up


I am having the same ‘issue’
I also have an aqara door sensor attached to see the status of my garage door (open or closed), I would like to combine the sensor and my relais switch into homekit.
(I don’t always use homekit, sometimes the physical button or the remote)

For the time being, I made a scene with name ‘Garagepoort’, so I can say ‘Siri Garagepoort’
But If I could add the 2 devices into a virtual garagedoor would be nice.

I discovered that Homekit only accepts a garage door when it has the properties of ‘up-stop-down’ and also ‘position’

I used to have a VeraEdge, and on that platform there was an app called “Garage Door” . In this app you could simply configure which device to use as “switch” and which sensor to indicate open/closed. The app was then visualized as an open or closed garage door in the Vera UI AND in the Home-app on iOS through HomeBridge.
Would be really great if someone with programming skills could do something similar for Homey.