Roller Shutter 3 homekit problem

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with my Fibaro roller shutter 3. In the homey app i don’t have any problems but in the Homekit app i just see a simple switches and it’s not functional. Does anyone have a solution to display them correctly in Homekit ?

Thank you very much for your reply.

Find your device here: Homey Developer Tools

Then let me know its “Class” and the capabilities that it has. If you use the built-in HomeKit “experiment”, perhaps HomeyKit will support it, but I need that information to check.

thank you for your reply :

That device should be supported by HomeyKit.

yes but not correctly … because it’s curtains and in homekit it’s just a simple switch … I don’t know why i can’t see curtain switch in the homekit app. do you have an idee ?

in homekit i have this :

Are you sure you’re using the HomeyKit app? I don’t see how HomeyKit would create a switch for a device with those capabilities.

i use homekit experimental

The HomeKit experiment is quite limited and doesn’t seem to be actively developed.

If you want more device support, you can disable it and install the aforementioned HomeyKit app instead (that does mean you need to reconfigure your Home settings on iOS) or wait a few weeks for an entirely new HomeKit implementation that I’m working on (more info here).

thank you ! and where i can find this app ? in homey app i have homekit controller ? but not Homeykit.

I already linked to it: HomeyKit App for Homey | Homey

If you’re running the iOS 16.2 beta, you need to install the current test version of HomeyKit: HomeyKit | Homey

Thank you so much ! it works very well !!!